The Mortician



The Mortician is the longest continually competing robot in the Hardcore Robotics fleet. This machine has competed at Robolympics, Robogames 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, Combots Cup 2, 3, 4, and 5, Robotic Revolution, RFL Championship 2005, Southwest Divisional Championship, and a couple of private shows for Battlebots. With well over 50 combat matches, it is no surprise that this machine has had multiple configurations over the years. In every configuration though, the plan was to have the most kinetic energy of any machine competing in the class. Here is a list of the current specs:


Drive motors  2 NPC T-64s
Weapon motor AME D-pack, run through a Team Whyachi right angle gearbox
Batteries Custom 7S4P pack, using A123 cells.
Speed controllers Victor HV-36 for drive - Weapon is turned on via contactor
Frame 4130 tubing, with varying thicknesses
Armor Ha! The dust covers are .080 aluminum
Wheels Rims are Azusa 5" plastic, very strong and lightweight. Wheels are 8" Carefree slicks

The current plans for Mortician don't involve any major changes for the upcoming year. Eventually I would like to drop some weight from the drivetrain, and try to layout the internals of the machine to be more compact. These changes should free up some weight for a stronger frame, more batteries, and of course a heavier weapon :)